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Site Rebuild, Jun 17, 2018
Under Construction

Site Rebuild

Our site is currently under going a massvie change. New infomation will be added weekly, as the construction on our site progresses.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Public Server, Jun 17, 2018
Ark: Survial Evolved

Server Coming Soon

We will be opening up a server for ARK: Survival Evolved very soon. As of right now we are going through the different mods available to see what we think is going to work best for the server, as of right now we can confirm the following mod will be on the server.

  • Structures Plus (S+)
  • Platforms Plus
  • Upgrade Station
  • Anti-Theft Backpack
More mods may be added, we will also take suggestions as well.

As for the map we are unsure witch map to use, we want a map that has all DLC creatures in it and dose not require players to have all the DLC's, as of right now we have been testing the map called "The Volcano". Has its ups and downs to it, so we are unsure if we will stick with this map.

Again if anyone has a suggestion for the server please let us know.



Information to come with image.


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