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FWGC News, Jan 13, 2019

Wecome to the Forgotten Warriors Gaming Community (FWGC) website.

We are a small group of gamings and some programers have fun and trying to give that expericane to others as well. We are a friendly group and are fairly laid back and always looking for others to join up with us. We try to have servers up and running with what people are playing.

With that in mind we work hand in hand with Home Grown with our servers being hosted by them, so be sure to check them out as well, you can find there link at the top nav bar.

Also on our nav bar you can find more info on games that we are found in quite often and for those games that we have servers running for as well.

We as well have a studio branch for game makeing and also other custom content such as images, plugins, maps, and more in our FWGS area.

So with all that enjoy your stay on our site and be sure to join us in discord or in game.


Public Server, Jan 13, 2019

Up and Running

Come and join the fun on our PvE server. We will be running the map Russia on normal difficulty setting. All server settings are set to default.

We are running the Rocketmod on the server with the Kit, Uconomy, ZaupShop, ZaupHome, ZaupUconomyEssentials, and VoteRewards.

If anyone has a suggestion for the server please let us know.

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