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Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 2:24 pm
by DarkStar
Welcome to Forgotten Warriors Gaming Community(-F-W-G-C-) Website. We are a community of people that just play many different games for fun and are also willing to add competitive game play in as well. Our main focus is to have fun and with a safe and friendly gaming environment, now with that in mind we do like to joke around and a lot of times it leads to adult style jokes, but they are all for fun and none meaningful. We do allow any age to join with our community and with that we will still continue to have the same style of talking as if we are all adults, we will not in anyway change how we act not matter the age of any member or player that is around us.

We also enjoy the design end of gaming as well weather it be making maps, games, weapon skins, or anything else long the way. We work together as best as we can to get things moving and like to combined our skills and knowledge in these fields with others, and with that we are starting up a new area of Forgotten Warriors witch will be call "Forgotten Warriors Studio Design(-F-W-S-D-)". So feel free to head over to this area of the site and ask question and post your work.

So if your looking to have fun and not be so serious about the game, or want to work on a project with a team, join with us and have loads of fun :D .
Application form can be found Here! :mrgreen: